Exercise DVDs For People Who Think They Can't.

These are the original, classic armchair exercises developed by fitness expert Betty Switkes. Betty wanted seated exercisers to enjoy the increased stamina, muscle tone, flexibility, coordination and sense of well-being she received from dancing and exercise. Working with her pupils and physical therapists in the l980s and l990s, she created lively and inspiring routines for getting complete workouts in an armchair. Read More...


Four DVD Programs for every level of strength and ability!
Aerobic - Gentle - Strength - Yoga

Armchair Fitness Aerobics
Armchair Fitness Aerobics

Three 20-minute routines of lively stretching and strengthening motions with music. More Info

Strength Improvement
Strength Improvement

Two 20-minute routines for improvement of upper body and leg strength. More Info

Gentle Exercise
Gentle Exercise

A 30-minute program for persons with limited strength and range of motion. More Info

Yoga Health
Yoga Health

Three 27-minute sessions of breathing for relaxation, stretching and seated yoga movements. More Info


Media Reviews

"Lively, thoughtful and fun... a well designed program... to work out
without wearing out." - The Washington Post

"Those of us who can't manage Jane Fonda's Workout or who cant' bear
to see another aerobics video led by some slinky young thing can take
heart... Armchair Fitness... is the exercise video for anyone who's
unable or unwilling to take part in strenuous activities." - USA Today

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